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I worry too much about what other people think… I know we’re not supposed to care and just ‘be ourselves’ but deep down it matters to me. I know some people who are so carefree and don’t seem to be bothered at all by what others think… I wish I could be like them but I can’t get to a place of ‘uncaring’ what is thought of me and my family.

Most of us care to a certain extent about what others think of us; if we didn’t we would probably rather obnoxious! It’s how much we care that matters. This really begins with what we think of ourselves because when we are comfortable with who we are we tend to worry less about what others think. Perhaps deep down you don’t feel very likeable; if this is the case I doubt that it’s true so you need to challenge that belief. Keep telling yourself that there’s no good reason people wouldn’t like you; and keep going until you really believe it. Also, please remember that none of us are perfect; perhaps you expect too much of yourself
As far as family is concerned, we can only be responsible for ourselves. We are related to family but we are not defined by them and cannot hold ourselves responsible for their choices and behaviour.
Unfortunately, some people are judgmental which is not a particularly attractive or appropriate trait in anyone’s character. These are not the kind of people most of us would choose as friends. If there are judgmental people in your world, why consider them your friends; and if they’re not your friends why worry about what they think of you.

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