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Last week I saw my best friend’s boyfriend with another woman. This woman’s been trying to get her hands on him for ages. I don’t know whether to tell my friend because she would be devastated. They’re getting married next year.

This is extremely tricky and difficult for you. I think we need to examine the all- round situation here.
Firstly, there’s the question of whether there can be any doubt about what was seen because being wrong could ruin a relationship and the future lives of two people. However, if there is definitely no doubt about what was seen then speaking up could save two people from making a very big mistake. If a man really loves a woman he won’t allow himself to be lured away by someone else; he won’t be prepared to cheat and hurt the woman he loves, no matter how tempted he is. Sometimes we just have to weigh up the facts and act according to our conscience; a huge responsibility and not an enviable situation to be in.

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