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I’m organising a family Christmas at my house this year; there will be fourteen of us including four teenagers. I’m worried that some people may be glued to their tablets and phones and others may be offended. Is it reasonable to expect devices to be turned off during Christmas dinner?

I think respect is the issue here and if the person who is hosting Christmas Day asks the guests to turn off their electronic devices then the respectful thing to do is to graciously comply.
Many people would consider it rude for people to be using their devices during a social event such as Christmas Day, especially at meal times. It’s not only teenagers and young people who are the culprits either!
Most people are happy to be kept occupied with opening presents, pouring drinks, laying the table and helping with the clearing up afterwards, while others will probably organise pre planned activities and games. They can catch up with social media at the end of the day.

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