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9 Things People In Therapy Want You To Know

I came across this article in the Huffington Post which is absolutely spot on.  The full article can be read here: 1. You should never feel ashamed for being in therapy. Everyone experiences bouts of stress or sadness. But when these feelings become too overwhelming, therapy can help a person take back control. There is

Grief and Grieving

Grief and Grieving People Grieve Differently Grief is what we experience when we lose someone we’ve loved and the depth of our grief is a measure of our attachment and love. Grief is what we feel on the inside and we all grieve differently. It’s important to remember that what is seen on the outside

Anxiety and How to Manage It

Anxiety and How to Manage It What is an Anxiety Attack? Anxiety is normal and is a helpful emotion; it alerts us to possible danger. Anxiety only becomes a problem if it causes us to feel overly uncomfortable or unsafe. When we feel anxious it means the body’s “fight or flight” mechanism has kicked in;

Is stress at work making you unhappy?

There’s Good News As Well As Bad News! In this blog I hope to address the issue of stress in the workplace in the hope that it will help people to recognise stress before it results in feeling unable to cope. I also hope to show people how they can not only take steps to

Uplift for the January Blues

January can be a tough month; the excitement of Christmas and New Year is behind us and the weather often dull and cold. If Christmas has gone well that’s great but this is a time when some families have major rows. Many people over spend. Christmas and New Year can leave some of us feeling

Stress and Grief at Christmas

Stress and Grief at Christmas Christmas can be a time of peace and joy for some but for many it can be a time of disappointment, stress and great sorrow. Here are some survival suggestions for stress: Christmas can be a time of disappointment if our expectations are too high or if we want everything


This is a simple overview of depression that I hope you will find helpful. Depression comes in different levels of severity. Mild to moderate depression can cause us to feel low in mood but still able to cope with every- day life. Severe depression can be extremely disabling and can even lead to a person

The Pressure on Men to be Macho

Unfortunately, when men are suffering from anxiety or depression they are often far less likely to see their GP than women. Men tend to be deeply conditioned, from boyhood, to believe that it’s socially unacceptable to be emotional. They can grow up feeling fiercely ashamed of crying, believing that tears are a display of weakness

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques This is an excerpt from my anxiety management blog as I wanted to make it easy to find as a separate entity Controlled Breathing Technique Controlled breathing is a skill that becomes easier with practice. It is very important to practice this technique every day, at times when you are not feeling anxious, so that you

Sleep Better

Sleep Better Most of us have the occasional bad night but for some people a poor night’s sleep is a regular occurrence. There is very little worse than feeling wide awake at night, watching the hours tick by and knowing that we have to go to work in the morning. So, is there anything we

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