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My Partner Overworks

My partner overworks. She’s happy doing what she does and she’s so fulfilled but it’s all she talks about outside of the kids. I’m happy in my job too but hers is her dream job and I don’t want her to feel I’m not supporting her but even when I try to talk to her

My Mum Won’t Come To My Wedding

Next month I’m getting married to the man of my dreams and until last week I couldn’t wait. I felt so excited but then my Mum dropped a bombshell. She said she won’t come to the wedding if my Dad and stepmother are coming. She says I have to choose between her or my Dad.

My Man is Depressed

I think my man’s depressed but it’s difficult to talk to him about his feelings. Every time I try he just clams up or changes the subject. Yesterday he shouted at me to leave him alone. He never usually shouts and he’s obviously feeling very low. I’m worried about him. Anonymous Answer Some men grow

My Parents Think I’m a Child

I came back to live with my parents when I finished Uni last year and I feel like I’m living in a time warp.  I know it’s kind of my parents to let me live with them while I save up a deposit for a house.  I’m grateful to them but they treat me like

My Life Feels Messy

Nothing in my life ever seems to go right and everything feels so disorganised. I just want my kids to have a good life and be happy. Sometimes, when I’m getting my kids from school I look around at other Mums and they all look sorted and in control. Why is my life such a

My Colleague Complains

There’s a woman at work who’s always moaning about my colleagues and I’m fed up with listening to it. She doesn’t seem to be able to accept anyone who’s different. For example, she mocks a guy who she thinks speaks in a “posh” voice and complains about one of the admin assistants because she has

I’m Struggling With Grief

My husband died nine months ago and I’m struggling to cope. We’d been married for fifteen years. I had a lot of support at first but as time went by the support gradually dropped away. I think people assume I’ve got over by now and I don’t understand why I still feel so angry and

My Best Friend’s Boyfriend is Cheating on Her

Last week I saw my best friend’s boyfriend with another woman. This woman’s been trying to get her hands on him for ages. I don’t know whether to tell my friend because she would be devastated. They’re getting married next year. Anonymous Answer This is extremely tricky and difficult for you. I think we need

I’m Worried About my Teenage Daughter

I’m worried about my daughter who’s 14. She used to be a sweet little girl and we were very close but now she’s become rude and grumpy. She used to talk to me about everything but now she either ignores me or clams up. I never know what she’s thinking and she seems to be

I was Bullied at School

When I was at school I was bullied quite badly for being overweight. Now I have a degree and I’m just starting a new career but I still feel really bad about myself and very conscious of my weight. I now worry I may get bullied again at work. Anonymous Answer You sound like a

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