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Electronic Devices and Christmas

I’m organising a family Christmas at my house this year; there will be fourteen of us including four teenagers. I’m worried that some people may be glued to their tablets and phones and others may be offended. Is it reasonable to expect devices to be turned off during Christmas dinner? Anonymous Answer I think respect

We Can’t Agree On a Holiday

My partner and I are trying to arrange a holiday for next year. The problem is we can’t agree on something we would both enjoy. He likes activities but I like lying by the pool or on the beach so holiday planning becomes disagreeable and stressful rather than enjoyable Anonymous Answer Lots of people find

My Best Friend’s Boyfriend is Cheating on Her

Last week I saw my best friend’s boyfriend with another woman. This woman’s been trying to get her hands on him for ages. I don’t know whether to tell my friend because she would be devastated. They’re getting married next year. Anonymous Answer This is extremely tricky and difficult for you. I think we need

The Expectations of Others at Christmas (Or Any Time of Year)

I’m worried because my husband’s parents are coming for Christmas and my mother in law likes everything to be perfect. We had our first baby in October and I don’t think I can possibly keep the house as tidy as I used to. I don’t want to be judged. Anonymous Answer No, of course you

Boxing Day Family Row

Boxing Day was terrible because my auntie and my sister had an enormous row. My mother had been in tears because my auntie was having a go at her in a very loud, abusive way. My sister became upset for my mother and told my auntie a few home truths so my auntie packed her

Christmas and Stress

I love Christmas but we have two kids and we both work full time. There’s so much to do and I find it all really stressful. It’s a shame because then I don’t enjoy it and I start getting annoyed with everyone. Anonymous Answer This is something that will ring true with many of us.

My Man is Depressed

I think my man’s depressed but it’s difficult to talk to him about his feelings. Every time I try he just clams up or changes the subject. Yesterday he shouted at me to leave him alone. He never usually shouts and he’s obviously feeling very low. I’m worried about him. Anonymous Answer Some men grow

What Other People Think

I worry too much about what other people think… I know we’re not supposed to care and just ‘be ourselves’ but deep down it matters to me. I know some people who are so carefree and don’t seem to be bothered at all by what others think… I wish I could be like them but

My Partner Overworks

My partner overworks. She’s happy doing what she does and she’s so fulfilled but it’s all she talks about outside of the kids. I’m happy in my job too but hers is her dream job and I don’t want her to feel I’m not supporting her but even when I try to talk to her

Children and the Internet

My child recently accidentally got onto a site on the internet they shouldn’t have… I know we should have had filters and protection on there but we didn’t and now I just feel so bad about it and can’t stop thinking about how we’ve ruined their innocence! Every time something comes up on TV that’s

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