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Welcoimageme to my Ask Gerri Page.

I just want to say this is not a counselling or advice page.  This is a page for people like you to write to me with your problems and see replies that are informative, rather than advisory, based on general counselling principles.

Please feel free to write to me at with the subject heading  “Ask Gerri” or use the form on the right.

All letters are posted anonymously.  I’m sorry but I can’t send any personal replies.

I’m Losing my Self Esteem Because of a Tattoo

Ten years ago, when I was 28, I had a very pretty butterfly tattoo put on the top of my ...
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Elderly Parents

My parents need to move house. The house they live in now has three bedrooms and a big garden and ...
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I’m Scared of Getting a New Job

I dread going to work every day because my job is so lonely and boring. I'd really like to get ...
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I Haven’t Spoken to my Mother for Five Years

I haven’t spoken to my mother for five years but yesterday my brother told me she’s seriously ill in hospital ...
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