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Welcoimageme to my Ask Gerri Page.

I just want to say this is not a counselling or advice page.  This is a page for people like you to write to me with your problems and see replies that are informative, rather than advisory, based on general counselling principles.

Please feel free to write to me at with the subject heading  “Ask Gerri” or use the form on the right.

All letters are posted anonymously.  I’m sorry but I can’t send any personal replies.

My Team Leader is Lazy

My team leader is lazy and doesn’t pull her weight. We are a support service and she’s supposed to answer ...
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I Moved to a New Area and Now I Feel Lonely

Two years ago I changed my job and moved to a new area. I’m single and I don’t have children ...
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Children and the Internet

My child recently accidentally got onto a site on the internet they shouldn't have... I know we should have had ...
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Our Careers Clash

My partner and I are both architects, though he is older than I am. He’s been offered a partnership in ...
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I Feel Guilty All the Time

I don’t know if you can help but I feel guilty all the time. I’ve always thought I was a ...
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I’m Not Being Myself

The other men at work are always discussing sport and having bets but I hate sport. I pretend I like ...
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I Do Too Much

I don't know what's wrong with me, I never have any spare time.   The problem is people are always ...
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The Kid’s Clutter

We are moving house next month and our loft is full of the clutter the kids left behind when they ...
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I’m A Failure

I feel such a failure. My new business has just gone bust and I feel gutted. I’m kicking myself because ...
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