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Welcoimageme to my Ask Gerri Page.

I just want to say this is not a counselling or advice page.  This is a page for people like you to write to me with your problems and see replies that are informative, rather than advisory, based on general counselling principles.

Please feel free to write to me at with the subject heading  “Ask Gerri” or use the form on the right.

All letters are posted anonymously.  I’m sorry but I can’t send any personal replies.

I was Bullied at School

When I was at school I was bullied quite badly for being overweight. Now I have a degree and I’m ...
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Electronic Devices and Christmas

I’m organising a family Christmas at my house this year; there will be fourteen of us including four teenagers. I’m ...
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We Can’t Agree On a Holiday

My partner and I are trying to arrange a holiday for next year. The problem is we can’t agree on ...
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The Expectations of Others at Christmas (Or Any Time of Year)

I’m worried because my husband’s parents are coming for Christmas and my mother in law likes everything to be perfect ...
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Boxing Day Family Row

Boxing Day was terrible because my auntie and my sister had an enormous row. My mother had been in tears ...
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Christmas and Stress

I love Christmas but we have two kids and we both work full time. There’s so much to do and ...
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Sometimes I think I’m Too Hard On My Kids

I see other Mums letting their children get away with all sorts and sometimes I wonder if I'm too hard ...
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What Other People Think

I worry too much about what other people think... I know we're not supposed to care and just 'be ourselves' ...
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My Husband Makes Us Late

Whenever we go anywhere my husband always makes us late and it's embarrassing. No amount of nagging changes anything. I ...
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